Customer Involvement Model

Co-creation, involvement of end-consumers, is increasingly a challenge for developers and housing associations, in new residential constructions and renovation. With co-creation as starting point we developed the Customer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM). Our conceptual idea is to link the consumer directly to the building information chain (BIM) and place the consumer literally between architect and manufacturer.

The CIM concept as starting point, we developed technology and we tested several prototypes.

We believe in a connection with manufacturing, in delivering configuration information directly from consumer to producer. We started to discover what minimal data are necessary to start the manufacturing process. We need the knowledge of the complexity of information exchange.

We started development of the fourth generation of configuration tools.

User-friendly configuration tool

We offer a web-based consumer-friendly configuration tool (configurator), especially developed to create customer involvement in the sales of new residential constructions and renovations.

In order to integrate energy saving solutions, future users want to make an informed decision. The energy effect calculation is however a complicated exercise of cost versus efficiency, resulting in non-optimal or postponed energy saving choices.

By using the configuration tool, end-consumers can not only visualise the building or renovation they want to construct, but also calculate the cost and efficiency of each energy saving option. They can play around until they have drawn the most sustainable building to their liking and within their budget.